C A M  G I R L  T H E  M O V I E

Mary O'Brian is a nursing student, she's struggling to make ends meet but it's proving difficult to pay her rent and tuition. She's never had any real luck and has no family to fall back on.

She's tempted by the lure of being a cam girl, a girl who videos herself for Johns that pay good money for this strange type of entertainment to fulfill their fantasies. Should she, or shouldn't she? It's tempting, it's free and it pays well. But at what cost?

Mary's world is about to get very complicated as a dark and sinister force becomes obsessed with her, watching her, waiting for the right moment and for Mary to go too far. .. 


“Cam Girl is much more than just a study of the current web cam trend – whereby girls are selling their visual wares across the world or in many cases just doing it for the fun. There are underlying messages to this film that will strike a chord with almost anybody who watches it. Is she right to do it? Are we right watching? Are we right to condemn or glorify? Are we too puritanical or do we not censor enough? And is it right for girls who have nobody to help them, to have to do this in-order to make ends-meet? This film is based upon a real life story I came across recently, but it also involves an occult message that I have woven into the storyline – occult because you need the eyes to see it. Our heroine is Mary, her screen name is Rose. She is taking a journey to the city of the sun, but light sometimes reveals darkness…”
Philip Gardiner

A new film-noir thriller from award-winning filmmaker, Philip Gardiner. Featuring glamour model and actress Layla Randle-Conde.

Written by Philip Gardiner with John Symes. Directed by Philip Gardiner.        

Producers Warren Croyle, Philip Gardiner, John Symes.

Music by Corjan,  No Redemption, Angellis, Freakhouse and Crystal Kovach.

Produced by Chemical Burn. In association with Red Sky Productions and Chalk Productions. Sound engineering by Olive Grove Studios.

Download the movie's title song Cam Girl by Corjan on iTunes

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